Saturday, May 21, 2011

Medium J and the Recuperation Process

Medium J's surgery went well. Now it's time to recuperate. I think he's set up shop on my couch for awhile. He's commandeered one of the recliner portions and has his leg propped up high like he's supposed to. Give him a laptop, a drink, and a dog or two, plus his girlfriend sitting beside him and he's happy. As you can see from the background in photo 1, he also has his small TV with the Playstation 3 set up in front of his twin bed. He's not allowed to do stairs for quite awhile since he's on crutches for many months to come yet. But, he's got just about everything he could need right at his fingertips.

The doggies came home today after being at the kennel since Wednesday. They were SO GLAD to see everyone. Especially Josh. He's their "bud". Pepper had squeezed in beside him on the left and at one point Cocoa was on the right. But once Medium J's girlfriend (Miss M) sat down beside him, Cocoa claimed his place on her lap. :) My doggies sure love Miss M. And everyone is glad to be back home.....Medium J and the doggies!


  1. yea!! glad that all went well, hope the recuperation goes smoothly!

  2. thank you. i hope so too. i woke up to find him sitting at the dining room table drinking coffee with kenny. he must have gotten tired of the couch.