Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Signs of life in my yard...

I found this egg on the sidewalk alongside my house. I think it's a robins' egg but I'm not sure. There are no cracks or anything in the egg. It must have fell out of the nest and rolled down the hill to my sidewalk. Looks like there will be one less bird in my yard this year. It makes me sad.
I was looking in my backyard at my fruit trees because I was wondering if I would have any cherries this year. It looks like I will if we don't have another frost. There aren't as many little fruits as last year on this tree, but there are still quite a few.

This is a photo of the bushes alongside the front of my house, just under the porch. They are beautiful. I don't know what type of bush they are, but I was told that they have been here a long time. They never bloomed for the previous owner, but when we bought the property, I trimmed the bushes up and they have bloomed all three spring/summer seasons that we have lived here.

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