Saturday, May 8, 2010

1st camping trip of the year

Here we are at our first camping trip of the year. We took our new camper. It was the maiden voyage of it you could say. As you can see by my husband's photo, it did nothing but rain for three days. Seriously. We were not able to build a campfire one time. That killed all of the cooking. A real bummer. I had planned on making S'Mores.
The kids were smart enough to bring things to do with them. Like texting their friends on their cell phones to say what a lousy time they were having, or playing their DS.
We did learn a few things though while we were there. First...all three popouts leak. Second...the heater only heats the bathroom. And third...the hot water heater developed a hole sometime during the winter so we had no water in the camper. As I type, I can say that the camper is back at the dealership getting things fixed on it. However, they just can't understand why the popouts leaked. I told him to put a water hose on it for three days and then they will see it. The popouts leaked rain water like a waterfall. Even the kitchen cabinets were covered in it. Hopefully they can get this fixed and fixed correctly as this very camper is going to be pulled behind the truck on our trip to Washington D.C. this summer.

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