Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's been a long day...


It's not uncommon for my daughter to bring out her lovey blanket for a bit of quiet time on the couch after a long hard day at school. My dogs LOVE her blanket. They think of it as their own. Especially Pepper. He's the one on the floor on top of the blanket. He usually prefers to crawl underneath it though. The other dog, Cocoa, decided to take a rest beside her on the couch instead of getting underneath the blanket. In the end, the dogs ended up overtaking 80% of the blanket and she had very little of it left to snuggle with. She left them the blanket and went to her room to talk on her phone. She voiced her displeasure with the whole situation on the way there. I said, "why didn't you take the blanket from them?" and she said "it wouldn't be fair." LOL She enjoys spoiling them as long as they let her enjoy things too.

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