Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crochet Lapghans

Here are the last two lapghans that I have crocheted for donation to the local nursing home. I prefer the orange, brown and beige one myself. I am still using the free pattern listed in earlier posts under the headings "Ugly Duckling Blanket". In my opinion, the striped blankets take much longer to make and I prefer to make them "solid". By solid, I mean that I hold two different colors of yarn together for the entire project instead of switching color combinations for different stripes. I think my next project will be another one of these blankets but I'm going to make up a magic yarn ball of the different yarns I'll be using so I won't have to keep tying on yarn. Then I will using one other color held with it throughout the project. That will give a different effect than solid or striped.

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