Saturday, January 3, 2015

There's A Lot To Do

There are "Nine Whole Days" until I return to college.  Yesterday, I started thinking about all the unfinished things that I need to accomplish during this time. It feels like the list is huge though and I'm starting to feel the pressure of being overwhelmed again. So, I'm making a list of these tasks and hopefully I can mark a few off each day.

Here's my list (so far):

X 1. Get my school bag ready. I've made a list of items I need to make sure I have and got them all out. Once I get my books, I can pack the bag. (done on 1/7)

X 2. Shop for school books. Big C and I will be going on Tuesday to do this. (done on 1/7)

3. Get caught up on the laundry. (Is anyone ever truly caught up on their laundry?) I think I could work on this every day for a month and still not be caught up on it. (as of 1/10)

X 4. Plan out some quick and easy meals for those late night arrivals back at home and do the grocery shopping for the month. Big Daddy and I started talking about this yesterday.  I have a few ideas but will have to check out the grocery prices before putting them on the list.

X 5. Finish the cross stitched pillowcases. I'm almost half done at this point and will work on it more today. (completed this today 1/3)

X 6. Line up a few small crochet or knit projects to help me keep my sanity during the stressful periods over the next four months. I've got a few ideas, like the stockings, but I need to come up with a few more so I don't get bored. Just before finals, I broke out an unfinished knitting project and would work a few rows in between studying.  It helped me keep my wits about me and also calmed my nerves.  I have six extra credits this semester, so it's going to be even more stressful, I think.

7. Organize my clothes closet again. I did this at the beginning of last semester and it really helped.  I got lazy during vacation and messed it all up, so I need to fix that. (I did this before my shower last night, 1/3)

8. Clean out my coat pockets and wash the coat. It needs it pretty bad. (got the pockets cleaned out so far 1/3, and washed the coat on 1/10)

X 9. Organize my purse and clean it out.  If I don't need to carry it, that's even better.  So I will need to see what all I can put in my wallet. (finished this today 1/3)

X 10. Get all the Christmas decorations taken down and put away. I did this yesterday.

postponed to a later date 11.  Get a wax and my hair highlighted.  I have an appointment on Monday. Yay!

12. Clean out the truck. Not my favorite job, but it has to be done.

13. Get the house cleaned back up from having all 5 of us at home for the holidays. It's still in fairly good shape, but it won't receive a good cleaning for the next 4 months so it will need to look spectacular before I start school again. Keeping the house clean is a real struggle since NO ONE will pick up after themselves.  I feel like I'm constantly walking behind them and picking up their mess. Ugh!

At this point, I think this is everything I need to get done.  I hope it is. It seems like a lot, but once I get started, it will go quickly.

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