Thursday, January 1, 2015

Family and Our Christmas Tree

One of the best things of the holiday season this year was...
 the arrival of my nephew, Dakota, his wife, Rose, and...
 my great-niece, Little Miss E, from Texas. Dakota is in the military and has recently arrived home from Afghanistan. Rose and Little Miss E spent the summer with us, then moved to Texas when Dakota got back.  I've missed them all immensely.
 Small T and Little Miss E missed each other a lot and I swear, they were up to no good, as you can tell by this photo. At the time this was taken, we had our tree up, but not decorated, and Little Miss E wanted Small T to help her put the ornaments on.  So that's what they did.
 Small T, as usual, insisted on being the one to put the angel on the top of the tree.  She had to have some help though, in the form of a chair, to reach it.
Little Miss E loved putting the ornaments on, and by the time she was done, every ornament (except the balls) we owned was on the tree. I think it looks great!

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