Saturday, January 17, 2015

Homecoming 2014-2015

Last night was Homecoming at our school. They played Madison. I only went to watch the cheerleaders though. Basketball is not my favorite sport.  Even when my kids were playing. With Small T being the Cheer Captain, she insists that I make an appearance whenever there's a home ball game though. So Big Daddy and I went. Here are a few Cheer Highlights:
 The Cheer Squad during the Girls game. Small T is on the right. The mascot does a great job helping the girls out!
 Small T...while they were announcing the other team. She's actually clapping, you just can't tell.
 At half-time of the boys game, our Cheer girls performed a dance. They did a great job too! Here's a photo of the squad in their dance outfits. Small T is 2nd from the left.
One final photo...Small T and Carissa.  Carissa is Small T's asst. captain.

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