Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm Ready To Go

Today, Big C and I made the trip to the college bookstore and bought our textbooks for the next semester.  When we got back home, I cleaned out my book bag and got it packed. Check out the photo below.
It's a very deceptive looking bag, isn't it? You probably couldn't guess what all is in it, right? And you wouldn't imagine that it is HEAVY either. I almost have to bend over double to carry it.  It's that heavy. Now I know why my left arm, even after being broken, is much stronger than my right arm.  It's because I carry this bag on my left shoulder and am constantly picking it up with my left arm. It gets a major workout for 16 weeks straight. So...what makes this bag so heavy?
It's because I have all this stuff in it. There are:
6 textbooks
6 folders and 6 notebooks
and a bag of pens, pencils, highlighters, post-it notes, a calculator, ear buds, a flash drive, and then an emergency baggie (not shown) of tissues, Tums, cough drops, nail clippers, and $2 in quarters.
I would never have thought that all of these things together would weigh so much if I hadn't already carried this same bag for the past four months.  I swear that this semester's bag feels even heavier than it did last semester. My left arm is going to be quite muscular by May.

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  1. Switch arms and shoulders from time to time so that you can also develop your right arm! Actually, I was thinking more about your back, you do not want to antagonize any back problems. I'm so glad that you are enjoying school and very proud of you {altho i have nothing to do with your success!!}. Way to go, Shelly!!