Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small T's Day at the Pool

Small T and a group of her friends met up at the pool this past Tuesday. We weren't very busy (not a lot of swimmers) so...they had me take lots of photos. Here are the four of the girls jumping into the deep end. They did lots of actions moves and here's one that I caught on my camera. They like the James Bond moves the best, but I think this photo is hilarious! Small T is 2nd from the right.
Then they practiced some cheerleading stunts and pyramids. The two remaining boys were good sports through it all. Small T is on the left.
Then they played "Human Knot". It's were everyone stands in a circle and reaches out and grabs hands with someone else. Each of your hands will be held with a separate person, by the way. Then you have to undo the knot. It was hilarious! Worse than playing Twister! It took some pretty ingenious moves at times too.
Here's another shot of one of the "Human Knot" games. I think they played it four or five times.
The beginning shot of a "Human Knot" game. Look how close they are to each other. They were pulling each other through holes and in and out of the water (without using their hands...they have to stay clasped to each other at all times). Amazing! Some of them ended up in some weird positions, to say the least. In any event, they kept me busy taking photos of them that day and broke some of the boredom for me.

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