Monday, July 4, 2011

The Short Slouch

(My kids told me I look like the Pope. *sigh* I am just not a hat model. I don't look good in them.) However, I do like this hat. I may have to wear one this winter. :)
This pattern uses the same pattern as "The Slouch" except for a few changes. I was looking for something with a little less "tail end", ya know?

"The Short Slouch"

worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart)
MC- burgundy
SC- soft white
an I crochet hook

Follow the pattern for "The Slouch" through Round 12.
Omit Rounds 13, 14 and 15.
Your next Round will be Round 16. Follow the rest of the pattern until the end.

That's it. That's the pattern for "The Short Slouch". Enjoy!
Now, Small T and her friend both said that they like "The Slouch" better than this hat. You'll have to decide which one you like best.