Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hexagon Blanket

I've always wanted to make a Hexagon Blanket.  Or so I thought.  Once I started it, I didn't like it.  I have no idea why though.  So I've been making myself stay with it and work on it every now and then.
 The above photo shows what it looked like yesterday morning.
 After working on it yesterday afternoon and evening, this is what it currently looks like.  It's a lot bigger, that's for sure.  I finally have the width I'm looking for and now I just need to work on the length.  I counted the hexagons up and there are 60 of them at this point.
I took a bit of time this morning and dealt with the ends that needed sewing in.  I try to work a "row" then weave in the ends.  That way they are dealt with asap.
The yarn I'm using for this blanket is all out of my yarn stash.  It's various colors of Red Heart Super Saver.  I'm using a size I crochet hook.

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