Sunday, June 8, 2014

Diagonal Stripe

I decided to take a photo of the Diagonal Stripe Knitted Baby Blanket that I'm working on.  This is what it currently looks like.  I'm glad to be on the decreasing side of the pattern now.  It means that I'm past the half way mark and am getting closer and closer to the finish line.  I try to knit a few rows each day on it and before I know it, I'll be done.


  1. Oh, that's very pretty!! I'm attempting to learn how to knit myself, but it's slow going. I can't seem to get purling down. >.< Is this pattern difficult to do?

    1. This pattern is very easy to do. It uses the knit stitch and then you YO once on each row. I had to look up how to YO on YouTube and after that, I was ok. When you start decreasing, then you need to know how to K2tog (knit two together) and I looked that up on YouTube too. It's a great pattern to use and you should try it out. I bought one large skein of Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn and it's more than enough to make this baby blanket.