Friday, October 12, 2012

Small Granny Square Throw

Here is the latest project that I've started.  I've been working on it since yesterday.  Well, actually....I had the first two squares...the Amethyst and the Pale Plum already put together.  They have been in the bottom of my WIP plastic container waiting for some attention.  I have a gazillion other projects that I need to be working on, but I just don't "feel" them right now.  So...I'm having a little creative fun by using up my partial skeins of yarn and making this little granny square throw.
So far, I have used these colors:
Amethyst, Pale Plum, Aruba Sea, Bright Yellow, Pretty 'N Pink, Spring Green, Cherry Red (all on the first row), Pumpkin, Petal Pink, Spring Green, Light Coral, White, Delft Blue, Pale Plum (all on the second row), and Pale Yellow (the beginning of the third row).  These are all Red Heart Super Saver yarn.
I'm using the Basic Granny Square Pattern found here and a size I crochet hook.

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