Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Misc.

Last weekend, we were fairly busy.  This is how we spent our Saturday morning and afternoon.
 We volunteered our help in building the FCCLA Recycling Barn at school.
Big Daddy is sharing his knowledge with one of the kids in regards to the building trades.
 Then, Small T made a stop at the school greenhouse to check on her poinsetta's.
She is growing them for her FFA SAE.
They are fairly tricky plants to grow.  She has 100 of them.  They should be fully grown by Thanksgiving, which is when she will have them up for sale.
 I spent some time marveling at the changing colors.  We are finally getting some Fall colors on the trees that didn't lose all their leaves in the drought this summer.  I love the burgundy color on this tree.
 Then there are the bright yellow leaves of this smaller tree.  It looks like the top ones have already blown away.  It's been very windy the past week or so.
 And I love the rustic look of the woods across from the school with all the shades of brown, yellow and green.  There might even be a bit of red in there somewhere.
 Then there's this.  I was bored.  I started taking photos of everyone's shadow while waiting to help on the recycling barn at school.  This is me and my rendition of The Statue of Liberty.  LOL
And finally, we have Small T.  She's helping Bobby put together some of the inside supports for the recycling barn. It was a bit out of her element but she was game to try.
So, that's a bit of what a typical weekend is like for us.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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