Monday, June 25, 2012

A Quick Craft

 Hey...How are ya?
Long time, no see.
It's good to be back.
I thought I'd share a current photo of myself.
I'm already starting to sport a pair of "racoon eyes" from my big sunglasses that I wear at the pool everyday.
Anyway, I found this great craft on Pinterest that I'm going to share with you all.  Small T and I have been watching a couple of my nieces this summer....Pattycake and Sassy.  So I've been trying to find a few things for them to work on while they are here in my home.  I think this craft is going to be something that they will love.  So, here are a few photos and the link to the craft so others can give it a try as well.  Go check it out....seriously.  It's a lot of fun to do, super easy, and I finished mine in a couple of hours.
Woven Friendship Bracelet Tutorial
 A shot of the bracelet in progress.
 Getting close to being done.
The finished project on my right ankle.

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