Friday, June 22, 2012

1st Fishing Trip of the Summer

We get so busy in the summer months that we have to consciously stop and think about Dad.  And his desire to be outdoors.  I made a plan that we would all spend the day with him on Sunday, June 10th, at the lake.  We got the boat ready, packed up a couple of coolers with drinks and food, grabbed the nieces and nephews (since we're babysitting for them this summer), and headed out.
 A current photo of me.  First one I've had taken since the weight loss journey began.
 Small T.  She caught a fish.  But not the first one though.  Pattycake caught that one.
 Big Daddy.  Getting a pole ready for one of the younger kids.
 Pattycake, Sassy and G.  Having a quick breakfast and listening to my MP3 players while getting ready to get the fishing started.
Big C.  With one of the several fish that he caught.  And no, he isn't smoking.  It's something on the fishing pole.  I thought I should clarify.  Just in case.

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