Sunday, January 15, 2012

Majestic Afghan Finished

Well, I've had some great motivation these past couple of hours (cause I'm mad at Small T) so I worked out my frustration and anger by finishing up the Majestic Afghan. I did a simple border of sc around the blanket. Two rows of it.
Honestly, I don't think it should be called the Majestic Afghan anymore. It just doesn't look majestic. Really. The only thing royal about it are the colors...purple and red.
I think I'll rename it and call it the Dr. Seuss afghan. This has been at the back of my mind for some time now, so it's only fitting.

Here's a final photo of it.

I also spent about 30 more minutes knitting on the scarf.

It's about 30 1/2 inches long now.
It needs to be around 60 inches long, so I'm just at the half way point.
I'm still mad at Small T but I've got to try and get some sleep anyway. We'll see how I feel when I wake up. I detest going to bed mad. So...I'm praying for sweet dreams.
See you all tomorrow.


  1. Well done. I hope and Small T manage to talk and settle your differences. Here is the link to where I got my lighted hooks in case you are interested. I don't often use the light function.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for the link. I will look up the lighted hooks. I would love to have some of them! I find that when I'm using a dark colored yarn, I have a really hard time seeing where my next stitch goes.
    Small T and I are still having some differences of opinion, but that's normal. She's a teenager. I'm sure that over the next few years we are going to continue to have spats, so I'm resigning myself to it. But, down deep she's a good girl and I've also helped raise my 4 younger sister's so I know a good deal of what to expect. I just don't like having to deal with it all again. LOL Thanks!