Sunday, October 16, 2011

Small T and Softball (Quarterfinals)

The softball team played their Quarterfinals game yesterday at 2. At 12:30, the girls received a fabulous escort out of town. It was led by our City Cop, then one of the Ambulances, then one of the fire trucks (all with their sirens on), with the bus bringing up the rear. Townspeople stood along our main street and waved and cheered the girls on. It was really exciting!

The team is lined up before the game waiting for the National Anthem to play.
The "pow wow" after the game. We ended up losing, but hey...what a way to go out! The girls won Districts, won Sectionals, and lost at Quarterfinals. If they'd have won yesterday they would have advanced to State. They lost to Norborne which had a 25 and 0 record. Our record was 17 and 7. We're all so very proud of the girls, especially coach! Way to go!!!

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