Friday, October 21, 2011

**caution** Adult Post

I just overheard Small T ask Big C "how can you sleep naked". (I didn't know he did this...hmmm...). His reply was "you should try's amazing...there's so much air flow around my's amazing!". All I can say is "O....M....G!!!" Now, you would think that this is a conversation they had while joking around, but no...they were being absolutely serious with each other. *sigh* I used to hate it when they didn't like each other much, but now that they are getting along, I'm not so sure I can cope with the conversations that they are having. LOL I do not recall ever having a conversation of this type with my sisters and brother. Times sure have changed!


  1. that's AMAZING! grins, winks, debra

  2. lol. i thought so too. i just never believed they would actually talk about something like that!