Saturday, October 22, 2011


Yesterday, my sister Dea asked me to make her another scarf as she's misplaced the one I made her several years ago. So...when I was blog hopping today, I found this lovely pattern and decided to try my hand at it. The only thing I did different was to start with a base chain of 203 as I wanted it to be longer than the one in the photo.

My reluctant model.

Yep, still reluctant.

It's folded in half in this photo.

This shows the seam down the middle of the scarf, when it's folded in half.
Now, I just have to decide if I'm going to let her have the scarf BEFORE Christmas or make her wait and give it to her then! :)
update: I ended up giving Dea the scoodie today (Sunday 10/22). I couldn't hold out since we've got a cold spell coming. I want her to be warm and protected from the chilly air. She can't afford to be sick.