Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stocking Caps/Beanies

In addition to the Skater Beanie pattern, I also find this pattern to be wonderful. It is a free pattern and can be found here . This pattern works up extremely fast. I can start and finish one in less than one hour. I've been using Vanna's Choice yarn and an I hook. I have two finished and one almost finished. I ran out of the black yarn with less than a row to go of that color. (sigh) It always happens, doesn't it? I have found that the Wal-Mart in Marshall, MO has started selling Vanna's Choice yarn in their craft section, so I will be picking some of it up tomorrow afternoon when we are there for Chance's ortho surgeon appt.. Then I will be able to finish the red hat plus make a few more. I have a few requests for them and I don't have the colors here at home. I would say that you could use any worsted weight yarn for these hats, but since I started them in Vanna's Choice, I will continue on with that type of yarn. I am using this pattern to make Christmas gifts for a few of my nieces at Christmas.

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