Sunday, October 3, 2010


On Friday, I spent some time, yet again, at the hair dressers/beauty shop. It's that time of the year when I work out at the pecan house and I have a lot of problem with my nails due to this. My fingernails will crack or split up high closer to the cuticle, and in the quick, so I asked her if she had a solution to this. Especially since I already have one cracked nail. Her answer was to file my nails down in a blunt manner, instead of my usual rounded nails, and then to apply acrylic over them. This makes the nails harder and not as easy to split. We're going to try this out during pecan season this year and I will let everyone know how it works. I'm hoping it will help me out. Even though I'll need to go in about once a month to get more acrylic added to the nails as they grow out, it's worth the money to keep them from getting torn up and ragged looking.

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