Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Current Crochet Project is.....

a crayon bag and and amulet bag. I am trying out two free patterns that I found on the internet and I'm liking the way they are turning out. It is unusual that I am working on two projects at once but I am missing a box of crayons at the moment in order to fit them in the crayon bag so I can continue on with the pattern. As for the amulet bag, I only need to piece it together and make the handle. Both of these will also have to have a button sewn on the front. Easy enough to do. But since I'm not feeling well, and haven't for the past month or more, I am very slow with my crochet projects this month. The amulet bag pattern can be found here . As for the crayon purse pattern, just google it and see what you come up with. I have the pattern printed out but did not get the address on it for some reason or another.

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