Sunday, September 27, 2009

Child's Furry Purses

These are a couple of little furry purses I made. Of course, they are crochet. I held two colors of yarn and one furry yarn together to make this purse. It's quite sturdy. They are smaller in size and just right for a little girl. The colors didn't show up very well, but the one on the left is a mixture of teal, silver and blue and the one on the right is a mixture of hot pink, royal blue and other tidbits of color. I took a pattern that I was using for another item (a paperback tote) and altered it to make the purse. The paperback tote pattern is a free one off the internet. I liked the way the base was made so I just ran from there. These will also be gifts for my nieces. They are all going to get a purse or something from me this year. Can you tell?

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