Monday, October 14, 2013

Yarn Stash

Ok...I finally have all my yarn in one place (mostly...since I have a bag of it out by the couch where I'm working on it) so I am finally posting a photo of my yarn stash.  It also helps that Erin asked to see a photo of it.  :)  Thanks for motivating me Erin.
This stash takes a bit of explaining.
The two red tubs to the left contain some finished items.
The big box to the left has my blocking board sticking out of it.  It has skeins of yarn in it as well.  Plus there are two big tote bags on top of the box that also have yarn in it.  
The box with the yellow dot has finished items in it.  Sitting on top of it, the 2 baskets have patterns and hooks and needles in them.  Of the other two boxes, the bigger one has yarn in it and the smaller one has things like my pom pom maker, etc. in it.
The mesh bins on the right (one white - in front, and one black) are full of yarn.
The black and white bag on top of the mesh bins has what's left of my Simply Soft yarn in it.
That's my stash girls!  Sorry for the yucky photo though.  I should have probably cleaned up the area first.


  1. It has to feel great having all your yarn organized. I started doing the same, because I have such a mess, and it is hard to find anything when they are all scattered. You will do great in stash-busting in the coming months ;-)

  2. i agree. it's nice having it organized in one spot now. i'm having a good time stash busting even though i've been very busy and not getting much yarn time.