Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pecan Festival 2013

Last weekend was our annual Pecan Festival.  And yes, I'm just now getting around to posting a few photos.  Sorry it's taken me so long.
 The World's Largest Pecan was moved to it's new home about a month before the festival and the art classes at school volunteered to repaint it.  Small T was one of the ones that helped work on it.  Here's its new resting place, right next to City Hall.  If you stand in front of the pecan, it's still taller than you are.  It's that big.
 Here's the Brunswick Marching Band coming down the highway.  I must say...they are looking great!
 Big C came home from college and volunteered to drive the Pecan Festival Queen's Court in the back of our truck.
 Here are Destiny (left) and Small T (right) with their tag-a-long helper, Braxton.
 This is Rodger.  He and Big C ride back and forth from college together.  He's driving one of his family's tractors in the parade.
 Now...Saturday night of the Pecan Festival is a busy time for teens.  There are lots of things for them to do.  Little Ty was headed out the door (on his own) to his first teen dance.  Small T wanted a photo with him to mark this special moment.  I think Small T is in trouble since she's the same height as Little Ty now.  She was not impressed that a just turned 13 year old boy was as tall as she is.  lol
And what better way to end this post than with a silly photo of the two kids.  They are both goofing around which was her attempt at settling Ty's nerves.  He was looking to meet up with a good looking 8th grade girl (an older and maybe dance a few slow dances with her (which he did).

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