Monday, September 9, 2013

Wrist Warmers

I couldn't help myself...I bought a new skein of yarn AND started another set of knitted wrist warmers.
 This is the yarn...Caron Simply Soft Party.  It's super SOFT.  However, when I pulled the end out of the middle, it sort of spilled its guts.  *sigh*
 I just love the sparkles!
In a short amount of time yesterday, this is what I had.  I ended up putting it down though as I was hip deep in laundry (9 loads of it), housework (don't you just love cleaning the boys' bathroom...ugh), baking (Beer Bread for Big C to take bake to college with him), etc..
I'm really rather surprised that the only projects I have going right now are knitted items.  Wait, I do have that ugly blanket I started to crochet.  But I put it away until I can decided what I want to do with it.  Anyway...maybe I will put a thumb hole in this pair of wrist warmers.  Hmmmm....

1 comment:

  1. They look great so far :-) The color's very pretty; I've seen the Party line before but never tried it.
    Don't you love Yarn Barf? (that would be the giant mess that came out of the middle)
    Blessings :-)