Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Company

Over the Labor Day weekend, we had WAY more company other than just Baby E.  I swear, my front door had turned into a revolving door.
 Blue Boy and his Grandma, my sister-in-law were visitors yesterday.  They stopped in before my mom was leaving to head back home.  Blue Boy is 1 year old now.  Wow!
 And there's Muffin Man too.  He's Blue Boy's brother.  I can't believe that Muffin Man is 3 years old now.
 My nephew, G, on the right.  He's one of Gumdrop and Pattycake's brothers.
 And Awan, Gumdrop and Pattycake's oldest brother.  Awan is the same age as Small T and her cousin Z.
Baby E had a great time playing "kitchen" with Gumdrop (left) and Pattycake (right).
Of course, I had lots and lots of other people here too.  Tianna's friend, Erica, came in from Indianapolis and stayed the whole weekend.  My mom was here.  Each and every one of my younger sisters.  A few friends of my mom's dropped in to say "hi" too.  I was sad to see them all go, but I was happy to have my house back to normal last night.  I needed a rest.  Whew!

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