Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ghost Banner - Stash Buster Project

My daughter, Small T, thinks that all the crocheted Halloween decorations that I am putting up make the house look "trashy".  So, with that in mind, I decided to really do the yard and house up.  (It will serve her right for saying that.  lol)  Anyway, she has a certain place she likes to park her car every day, so I took that general area and have set about decorating it today.
 I made this little Ghost Banner just for her.  (using yarn out of my stash)  I hung it in the tree right beside where she parks her car.  Just so she can see it each and every day.  I want her to feel extra special.  :)
I used Red Heart WW yarn in white and black, a size I hook, and the basic banner pattern that I used for the Boo Banner.  I held the white and black yarn together when I was attaching the hanging string.  I worked 50 chs at each end and I worked a sc with chs in between along the top of each banner piece and 10 chs between each individual piece to hook them together.
 After the banner went up, I started hanging up bats.  The dimestore here in town sells them for $1 each and I bought every single one that the store had.  I attached black yarn to the bouncy string on the back of each bat and you should see them bounce and sway with the light wind.  So cool!  By the way, you can only see the ones in front of the tree in this photo.  There are more on the other side too.
Here's a bit of a close up of the bats.  You can also see the big spiderweb on the front porch and a bit of the Boo Banner in the tree.  I also hung a big glow-in-the dark skeleton in another tree just past this one.  I have about 7 trees along the north side of the house so I have lots of places to yarn bomb before Halloween.  I think I'm a "lucky girl"!  :)

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