Friday, July 12, 2013

Last Monday...

Last Monday, after spending my morning at the dentist getting my flipper finished and getting a broken tooth and filling repaired, I came home and took a power nap.  After that, I went to visit my sister Dea, and see her grandbaby, and while I was there, I found a turtle for Small T.
 She keeps saying that she wants a turtle.  That's all we ever hear.  Seriously. she has one.  Or she did.  This turtle was NOT a nice turtle.  He was MEAN, MEAN, MEAN.  The amount of hissing that came out of him was amazing.  The next day, on our way to the mall, we let him out at a creek.  At least we gave him a really good place to live instead of my sister's yard where there isn't any water.  Goodbye, mean turtle.  Hope you have a good life.
 Then, we have these two.  Big C and Little Ty.
What can I say...they are quite the pair.
Just look at those faces.  They are trying to convince me that they aren't going anything bad.
 Then, I see this.  Yep.  Perfect little angels.  NOT.
Look at all the potential mischief that these two have.  LOL
I wouldn't have it any other way.

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