Friday, March 12, 2010

Sights in Puerto Vallarta

The first photo is of a famous church in Puerto Vallarta. This is the church that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton went to and they showed us photos of the kids that took first communion there during one year and they all became the godchildren of Elizabeth and Richard as was customary.
The second photo is their most famous landmark located by the beach along the boardwalk.

The third photo is their jail. It's where Dog the Bounty Hunter came back and turned himself in after picking up a man that he was there looking for. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico and he had broke the law, so he did the right thing by coming back.

The fourth photo is of the town park which is located in the center or heart of the city. This is traditional. You will find nearby, the jail and a church (from the photos). Which is also traditional.


  1. Wow, the church is really architechturally beautiful...I have been to Mexico a few times as a child, but never any further than about 15 miles from the Calif. border... From what you see around the area I had been to and where you went is a dramatic difference! Love your photos.

  2. Diana, we toured the church inside and it was beautiful! I have photos from the inside as well but I quit posting pic's as I have almost 700 photos I could choose from. LOL Glad you liked this one.