Friday, March 12, 2010


I've got to figure out how to get the photos to post in sequence. I know I upload them in order. I guess I need to try uploading them in reverse order. Maybe that will work. Anyway, the beginning of the process is the last photo and then the middle photo is next and then the first photo is last in the whole order.
These are some high flying acrobats that use nothing other than a thick rope tied around their waists. It's outright scary. When they sit down at the top of the pole, they then circle around it 13 times to wind the rope around the pole. We were told that if they circled more than 13 times, the rope would be too long coming down and they would hit the ground. This is a "free" performance along the boardwalk, being done over and over again for the tourists. After the performance, a hat is passed around for tips. They are not paid to do this by anyone.

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