Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm stuck on...the Ugly Duckling Blanket

As you can tell by the title of this post, I'm stuck on the Ugly Duckling Blanket crochet pattern. I have found that it is so easy to customize this pattern to fit your needs. By the way, here is the pattern link for it again. It's not actually called the Ugly Duckling Blanket. It's called the 4 1/2 hour crochet afghan. So, what makes it the Ugly Duckling Blanket? You use all your leftover yarns and hold two strands together of two different colors while crocheting. You can make it striped or you can make it a solid color. I've done both. At first, I didn't think that the striped ones would be cute, but they were. I've done two of these for two of my nieces. Each stripe was 10 rows and then I switched off. The solid ones that I have done also look nice. I've done them in my niece and nephews favorite sport team colors as well as my two sons. I have a Raiders blanket in gray and black, a Colts blanket in royal blue and white, a Yankees blanket in navy and white, a Mizzou blanket in gold and black and am now working on a Longhorns blanket in orange and white. That will leave me two blankets to go...a red and white one for our school colors and a purple and white one for a friends school colors. As for the edging, I took the darker color of the two yarns and used it. The pattern calls for two rows of edging but I did four rows instead. Now, for the younger kids, this pattern works fine. The blanket will turn out more like a lapghan or throw. For the older kids, I made it a half size bigger by chaining 96 at the beginning and doing a total of 90 rows instead of 60. I think this is a great all around pattern and if you haven't given it a try, you should sometime. I plan to use these blankets at outdoor sporting events when the weather is cool or cold. The younger kids will be using them in their mom's vehicle during cold weather as well as at the football games. The blankets are easily folded up and stored in the vehicle. They also make good throws for the couch when you're curled up reading or watching TV. So...if you are looking for a project to work on sometime, this might be a good one to try. It works up really quickly.

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