Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Is Back In Session

Today marked the second day of school in our household. There is one in college, one in high school, one in junior high, and one in elementary (my nephew that lives with us) we are covering all the bases. Homework was light yesterday but today it has settled in with full force. I have been in hot demand for question answering for an hour now and it hasn't let up yet. But that's ok. I'm here to help however I can. At least everyone is at the same place...the dining room it makes for easy access to each of them when they holler my name.

With the start of school, activities and sports have also began. Today was activity day at school and that's where all the kids make the rounds for class meetings and attend the meetings of the organizations they are involved in. Everyone has lots of information for me on dues, activities, uniform/clothing requirements, and so on. Plus one of the boys has been attending baseball practice for several weeks now and his first game is coming up quickly. It is never dull around here, that's for sure.

After school today, one of the organizations held an Ice Cream Social as a "getting to know you" activity to recruit new members. My jr. high and high school kids attended this. It's a fun activity for the kids and they seem to like it.

One of the things I do not like about going back to school is that my child in jr. high (my only girl) has severe food allergies and has to carry her lunch each and every day. She hates doing this and she's also a picky eater, so it's a struggle to put together a well-balanced lunch for her that she will eat. Plus, being a young girl that's fashion conscious, she refuses to carry anything that even resembles your average looking lunch box. We solved the lunch box problem by purchasing a hip new lunch carrier at Wal-Mart that is soft-sided and looks like a purse. When it's empty you can fold it up into a fairly small size and stuff in it your backpack. It's a "byo" lunch bag.

So...I think that's about it concerning the first couple of days of school. Happy "Back To School" time everyone!

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