Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rain, Rain And More Rain

As you can tell by the title, we are having a lot of rain around here. In fact, the rain is falling in the area of 5 or more inches at a time. It's putting a damper on a lot of things around here but more important, it's unusual for our area at this time of the year. We have many crops that are needing to be harvested but the farmer's are not able to get in to them, baseball games being cancelled because of wet fields, some road closings because water is over the road, yard work not getting done, and more importantly, my not being able to walk the track like I'm used to. Not that it's important, but I've come to really enjoy my walking time. Of course, the ground around here is already saturated from the past two years of excessive rain and flooding due to all the levy breaks so there just isn't anywhere for the water to go once it hits the ground. I think our climate is changing all over the world, but it's only my opinion. With all the rain, we've also had a rather mild summer with just a few weeks of really hot temperatures compared to the entire months of July and August being sweltering. Well, that's my report on the local area and our weird summer.

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