Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Last High School Graduate

Five days after my last final, Small T graduated from High School.
We kicked off the celebration weekend with a huge family BBQ on that Saturday.
Here's Small T holding her cake up for a photo.
Two of her cousins were also graduating and we all partied together.
Z is on the left, Awan in the middle, and Small T on the right.
These three were in the same class, in the same school.
Z belongs to my youngest sister, Annie, and Awan belongs to my second youngest sister, Marie.
Could any three kids look so different? Crazy, right?
The next day, Sunday, was graduation or commencement.
 Here is Small T receiving her scholarships.
 She's receiving her diploma.
 And now she's graduated. Look at that smile!
 Once again, the three cousins. :)
 The three moms with their children beside them.
 At the actual graduation party we held for her. I love this blue dress she is wearing and she's also got on the pearls that my uncle gave to her when she was 13.  Every girl needs a good set of pearls, in my opinion.
 Her graduation cake, cupcakes, and a small photo collage.
It turned out to be a wonderful, yet hectic, day.
Congratulations Tianna!


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