Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'm A Sophomore!

I'm proud to first year of college is over...and I'm now a Sophomore!
 First semester...I got all A's.
 Second semester...I got all A's. Which was much harder to do.  Trust me. The classes were more challenging and I carried 6 more credit hours than I did the first semester.
I had a few road bumps along the way.
 Back in September, I stubbed my toe in the corridor at school and when I was stumbling along, I fell into the wall and broke my arm. It was a huge pain in my neck since 3/4 of my classes were computer heavy and involved massive amounts of typing.
Then during second semester, I broke 3 vertebrae in my back on February 22nd, then I fell down the deck steps in the rain on March 18th and broke my ankle.
I haven't had this many injuries since I was 17 and involved in a terrible car accident.
But, all that is over now and I'm on summer vacation and working at the pool once again. It's my goal to update my blog regularly until I head back to school in August once again.
Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone! :)


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