Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Tale of the Mango Colored Yarn

Once upon a time, there were 5 skeins of Mango colored yarn sitting on a clearance shelf at Wal-Mart.  A yarn-loving, clearance-minded woman named Shelly just happened to see them and bought them up.  Shelly's niece mentioned that she would love to have an orange colored blanket for her newest child, so...the Mango yarn was called upon to assist with this request.  But, my oh my, what a journey it has been in the attempt to make this orange colored blanket.
 This is the most current state of the Mango colored yarn.  It awaits Shelly's pleasure upon the big couch.
 The Mango colored yarn was first worked into this pattern  The progress shown was after one whole skein had been worked up.  Yikes.  The pattern is a yarn-eater and Shelly wouldn't have enough yarn to complete the blanket, even though she loved the stitch pattern and would have made a very warm blanket.  So....the Mango colored yarn was ripped out and put into a clear plastic container waiting to be used again.
 Today, Shelly spent some time cleaning the house and while she was doing that, she decided to try out this pattern  The pattern is quite pretty and even though the blanket is for a great nephew, it might pass as a bit masculine in nature.  So, Shelly sat down this evening and lovingly worked the Mango colored yarn into it's current state as shown above.  She is presently working on skein #2.
Here is a close-up view of the stitch pattern.  
So...this is the tale of the Mango colored yarn.  Updates will be given once progress is made.  :)

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