Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sports and Band Highlights

When I was writing up yesterday's post, I forgot to include some of the baseball, softball and band photos that I've taken over the last two weeks.  Here are a few highlights.
Big C stealing 2nd base during the Bucklin/Macon Co. game.  He went on to steal home plus another base during this ball game.  I have no idea what got into him because he doesn't normally steal bases.  He can't run fast enough to do so.  But I'm super, super proud of him.  He was 3 for 3 that night, with 3 R.B.I.'s.
 Getting ready to pound the baseball, yet again.  He's on a roll this year! 
 Small T is in the outfield (right field).  This is the Glasgow game that was played in the pouring down rain.
 Still pouring down rain at the Glasgow game.  Big C pounded another one out to center field.  We were tied, 2 to 2 in the 2nd inning and the game was called due to the weather.  The 2 runs that we had were due to this ball that Big C hit.  Bases were loaded and he got a double out of it.
 Small T chasing a ball at the Cairo game.
 Big C, meeting and greeting, at the Glasgow make-up game.
 Carrollton Band Day.  This past Saturday.  Our band is coming up to the starting point.
 Starting it off.  Small T is in the front row on the right.  She plays the flute.
 She said she wants to be a flag girl next year.  Hmmmm.....she also says she needs a shorter flag.  The pole is too tall.  LOL  Don't tell her, but I think she looks like a circus monkey in this photo.
Our official band photo for this year.  Looking good!!!!
So, that's my highlights from the past 2 weeks.  Between the 6 nights of ball games and the band day, I took about 200 photos.

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