Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keeping Flying Insects Away...

I wanted to talk with you this morning about flying insects.  Yes, a weird topic, but important one.  You see, I'm allergic to most flying insects...bees, wasps, horseflies, mosquitos, etc..  And we have plenty of these at the pool in the summer time.  I'm always on the lookout for ways to keep them away from me while I'm there.  This summer, I'm trying an idea I found on pinterest.  It's where you put a shiny penny in a ziplock bag with water in it.  Apparently, the shiny penny when submerged in water, will affect the multi-faceted eyes of the insects in such way that the insect thinks it is seeing multiple scary things which ends up deterring the insect away from the area.  I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but guess works.  But only when the bags are left alone.  This past week, I keep coming in to the pool and I find my bags missing.  And in the past week, I've had 2 emergency trips for shots as I've been stung.  Once last Tuesday and four times yesterday.  My plan for tomorrow is to hang up even more bags around the pool area.  I already have some on the lifeguard stand, which I occasionally sit in.  With all that being said, I'm sharing a couple of photos of the bags.  These are around the concession stand.
This photo shows the penny in the bottom of the bag.
Here's a front view of the concession stand.  I have a bag in the doorway as well.
I will also say that having these bags hanging around is quite the conversation starter as well.  Eventually, you will tire of answering the gazillion questions about the bags and seriously think of either taking them down or putting a sign up that says what they are for!  :)  If you are thinking of trying this out, please do so!  It really does work!

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