Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Candy Print Toddler Blanket

 I finished the second toddler blanket today.
It sure seems bright on the back of my couch!
I'm wondering if my camera flash is acting up because it still looks super bright when placed on the carpet.
Anyway, here are the particulars to the blanket.
I used Red Heart WW yarn in Candy Print, Pretty 'n Pink and Ranch Red.
I bought 2 skeins of each but only used most of the Candy Print.  I have almost  full skein of Ranch Red left and about half a skein of Pretty 'n Pink.  
There are 20 squares with one row of dc in Ranch Red and a row of scalloped edging in Pretty 'n Pink.
I used an I crochet hook and my basic square pattern found on this blog.


  1. thanks! i was trying to make something with the Candy Print yarn and i really like it!