Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I've Been Up To (Part 2)

This past Saturday, the Band Boosters, with the help of the band members, held a car wash as a fundraiser.
 Yes, that's Small T washing a tractor.  We get them each time we hold a car wash.  Obviously, we live in a rural farm area.  :)  You can tell, can't you?
 We even get a few other interesting "vehicles" like this scooter that Small T is washing.
 I also got my magnet order in this week.  They are the kids' sports/cheer squad and their numbers.  This is the 1st set.
 And this is the 2nd set.
 Big Daddy has been working out in the garage/work shop again.  He made this bird feeder.  It's quite popular among the bird community right now.  It's seeing a lot of action, that's for sure.
 Then he made this nesting box.  It's painted John Deere yellow.
 He also made a squirrel feeder.
 This is my current progress on the granny squares that I'm making.  I am working on the last 8 right now.  Or at least, I hope I only have 8 more to go.  I want to make it 5 squares by 4 squares.  I am unsure if it will be a good size then or not.  I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.
And last, but not least, is the item Big Daddy made for Small T.  I've put it down at the bottom of this post in hopes that she won't see it if she goes to my blog page.  Small T's 15th birthday is this coming Saturday.  She's not too thrilled as it's also the Prom here in town.  So...she has to celebrate on another day.  Anyway, Bird is her nickname and the photo is from her 1st birthday.  This is meant to go on her wall.
That's the last of my current updates.  Hope you all have enjoyed them.

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