Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Morning! I guess...LOL

Gosh! What a week it's been! And today is only Friday.
That comment...that it's only Friday...should give you some hint of how I'm feeling. :(
I've got the blah's. And the yuck!
I sneezed early Tuesday evening. Then I started coughing. Like my asthma was acting up.
Then, I kept on coughing with a sneeze or two thrown in for good measure.
By the time I went to bed that night, I knew for sure that my allergies had kicked in and that my allergy induced asthma had joined in the fun. Dang!
I had to sub at the school on Wednesday and it was one of the worst days of my life. I don't know how I made it through. In fact, I wore my winter coat all day as I was freezing. I wanted to sit in the car and cry because I didn't feel well enough to drive home. (sigh...that's pretty bad and totally unlike me). When I got home, I went straight to bed. With a 103.5 fever. Big Daddy had pulled some strings and the doctor wrote me a couple of prescriptions. (Thank you Dr. P!!!!)
I was basically delirious until the fever broke at 3 am. As of today, Friday morning, I still feel like dog poo but at least I have a few moments each day when I am partially clear headed enough to know what's going on. With that said, I'm going to share a couple of things with you. scale. Yep, it's dirty. That's because I don't use it that often. Well, for the next 12 weeks, it will be in the corner in the kitchen. Big C and I, along with my sister M, and my friend TT have joined the Biggest Loser contest here in town. So, we're dieting and exercising. I was doing really well with the exercising until the yuck hit me. It's hard to do anything when you can't breathe for any amount of time without needing your inhaler. But I'm not giving up yet. I'm still dieting. It's my intention to win this thing. There's big money involved.

This is the view from my front porch this morning. I've been up since 6 am since all I was doing was coughing and blowing my nose. It's the view lovely. The sun just starting to light up the neighborhood.

Here's another quick view just slightly to the left.

And another view slightly to the right.
I have my coffee out here every morning. Even in the winter.
The birds were all singing their songs and talking to each other this morning. The robins were finding food in the yard until the neighbors cat came to visit.
My only issue with being outside this morning was that it was COLD. Yep, I couldn't believe it either. It's been warm for the entire month of March and this morning when I went outside, I had to come back in and put on my robe AND my winter coat. I could actually see my breath, it was that cold.
I was having a lovely time just sitting there and then I saw this. (look at the photos below)

My beautiful flower bed. Yep. Not so beautiful anymore is it?

Another view of my beautiful flowers. Do you see them?

Yep. The final view. This got Big Daddy and Medium J in serious trouble on Monday.
They dug my flower bed up. I was madder than a wet hen. For a couple of days. If they so much as brought the subject up, I was po'd. And I finally had to tell them that if they said one more word about it, I was going to blow. So...that's been the end of it other than a few promises to fix it.
I understand why they dug it up, it's just that they didn't even try to save the flowers. They come back every single year, so they could have saved the bulbs. Anyway, they were fixing the drains around the house. Since we live on a hill, it's important to make sure the drains aren't broken every few years. The drains keep the excess water off the foundation. And in their defense, the drain under this flower bed had to be repaired. That's the only thing saving their skin at this point. LOL :)

So, while I'm sitting there thinking about the flower bed, I look over and see my honeysuckle bush. Yep. Looks horrible, doesn't it? I came home one day last Fall and it was chopped down to a bunch of stems. Big Daddy cut it down. I was sooooooo mad that I didn't speak to him the rest of the day. He thought he was doing a good thing. And he said it would come back, so he's one lucky Big Daddy as there are some shoots starting to show.

Then, there's this lovely area where my two flowering bushes were. Big Daddy and Medium J dug them up one day last Fall as well. I've sworn to hide all of the garden tools. The only thing that was wrong with this area was that there was a big piece of ivy growing and trying to strangle out the bushes. So the ivy needed to go. But no. Everything disappeared. Big Daddy has also promised to fix this area. We've finally had the "chat" about how the yard is looking horrid with all of these little projects he's been doing and that I want it "fixed" and fixed in a nice way that I will like. I like a pretty yard. And I'm tired of unfinished projects. With me being under the weather and finding the latest flower bed incident, the two guys have been feeling a bit contrite over making me so unhappy this week in regards to the yard. That's the only good thing to come out of getting the yuck. LOL
Now...on the crafting side of the day....I finally felt decent enough to get in a bit of crochet yesterday. I've got 47 of the 48 squares that I "think" I need for D-Ray's Blanket finished. I hope to lay them all out this morning and see if this will be the size I'm hoping for. If not, I'll be making a few more squares. If it's going to work out, then I'll be able to start sewing them all together once I figure out where I want them all to go. I'll be sure to share a photo of the placement before I start the joining process.
Anyway, today is the first day of Easter vacation for my kids. They get today and Monday. Big Daddy will be taking Big C to Brookfield to get fitted for a tux for Prom. I would I'm a control freak and want to be involved too...but Small T has company and there's no way I'm turning a bunch of 14 year old girls loose on the town for several hours while there are no adults around. looks like the guys are headed out in a bit and I'm going to get some much needed relaxation time with a bunch of teen girls. Would you call that relaxing? Well, me neither. But that's ok. Let them loose on the computer and the laptops and they'll be fine. There are showers to take as well and lots of make-up and hair fixing will be going on too.
So...I'll see you all later today hopefully. I did warn the girls that I need them to help me get the squares in a pattern on the floor so once they wake up and get around...maybe I can get them to do this for me. :) Have a good day everyone!


  1. hope youre feeling much better today Shelly..
    good luck with the biggest loser....

  2. thank you! i'm feeling better but my allergies are still giving me problems. the biggest loser is going ok. i've lost 12.8 lbs so far.