Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Project List

How many of you out there keep a Project List? A list of projects that you want to make in the future. I keep one, but I only started doing this a few months ago. When I finish something on the list, I mark it off. And if I see something I'd love to make, I add it to the list. Here's what my list looks like:

"Necessary Projects"
baby blanket for Cassie
2 baby blankets for an order I received

"Items from my old list"
more pillows for the house
more tissue box covers for the house
a ripples and shell throw
a loopy flower throw

"Items from my new list"
Scarves for the Special Olympics
Peace sign charity squares
a red and white afghan
a red, black and white afghan
baby clothes
a bouncy ball afghan
a circle in the square, granny square afghan
crocheted pin cushions (starting on next years Christmas gifts)

So....this is my current list that I'm working off of. I've started on the "necessary projects" first, of course. After that, I will work on the scarves for the Special Olympics. I am planning on making two of them. My list is always changing, ever evolving. If at any point, I decide that something just isn't what I want to make anymore, then I remove it from the list. My list helps me stay on track with my goals and it also helps me remember what projects I am wanting to make.

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