Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lapghan #15

I have started Lapghan #15. I'm using Red Heart yarn in three colors...royal blue, cherry red and white. I'm using the pattern I usually do but for me it only takes 6 or less skeins of yarn (total) and I use a size P crochet hook. I also do 60 rows instead of 57 and my lapghan doesn't measure 57 inches. The size I end up with is perfect for people in wheel chairs or good for covering the lap of an average sized person. I also use this pattern to make small afghans for my younger nieces and nephews. Anyway, for this lapghan, I am doing a block of color ... or 20 rows...before going to the next color. I started with red, which I've finished, and now I'm moving on to white. Then I'll do blue and I haven't decided on the edging yet. I'll either do red, blue or a combination of the two colors.

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