Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Projects - Instant Gratification Needed

I find myself needing to do some "Instant Gratification" projects right now. I've decided to do some baby booties. There are two reasons for this:
1) We were challenged to do so in a group I'm in
2) My niece is expecting and I'm currently working on baby items

Last Fall, I made several pairs of booties and swapped them with a friend of mine. These are the patterns I used for them:
1) Loving Hugs Newborn Booties
2) Best Ever Booties (I will have to find the location for this printed out without the website on the page)

I've made many pairs of booties with these patterns and I find myself using these patterns almost exclusively.

Now, if I get tired of doing booties, I think I'm going to try these patterns:
1) Hcd Preemie/Newborn Wrap Diaper Shirt
2) Angel Wing Newborn Pinafore

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