Thursday, March 27, 2014

Softball Earwarmer - Free Pattern

I finished up the 2nd Softball Earwarmer this morning.
 I wish I had a photo of Small T wearing one of them, but she's at school.  So this will have to do for now.
These are really quick and easy to work up.  I wrote the pattern down as I made the 2nd one, so now I can share it with you.  Here you go:

Softball Earwarmer - Free Crochet Pattern
WW yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver in Bright Yellow and also Cherry Red for the "stitches")
size H crochet hook
yarn needle for weaving in ends and for making the "stitches"

ch 72, a little looser than you normally would make your chains, join to the 1st st with a sl st, being careful not to twist the ch.
Round 1- ch 2.  hdc in each st around.  join with a sl st to the 2nd ch of the beg ch 2.
Rounds 2 thru 6 - repeat Round 1.
Round 7 - (this begins the edging) - ch 1, rev sc in each st around.  fasten off yarn, weave in ends.
Now we'll work the edging on the other side of the earwarmer.
Attach yarn in any stitch along the edge.  Ch 1, rev sc in each st around.  fasten off yarn, weave in ends.

For the red "stitches" running down the center of the earwarmer, cut a long piece of red yarn.  thread it on the yarn needle.  Using the "holes" running down the center of the earwarmer, start the stitches.
There will be 2 "holes" between the base of each stitch.  I worked the stitches as you see in the above photo, doing one side and when I finish those, I worked the other side.  When you are finished, weave in the yarn ends.
And that's the pattern.
I hope everyone enjoys this free pattern.  Feel free to make as many of these as you want for yourself or for profit.  Please don't claim the pattern as your own though.  Please link back here and give me the credit for that if you would.  :)


  1. Will this fit a teenager? Really cute! Thanks for sharing

    1. My teenager has a small head, so I started with a ch of 60 for hers.

  2. Thanks will give this a try. Go Wildcats, GA.

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