Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Broski (or Bro-Ski)

I've been creating again.
Meet Broski.
Small T named him.

I crocheted him a scarf.
But Small T didn't like it.

She wanted him to have a bow tie.
So now he has one of those too.

Then I was could be a girl.
So I was making a lei for her (him).
But Small T said no.
So...when she wasn't looking...
Broski has Princess Leia buns.

And a flower bra (instead of coconuts).
But then Small T saw what I was doing and took Broski away.
She insists that he's a boy. sigh.
So...should I share my pattern for Broski? What do you think?
I wrote the pattern down as I was making him.
I was going to do different hair...but once again...Small T insisted on a mohawk. sigh.
Broski is made with Red Heart worsted weight yarn in soft white, cherry red, turqua, and spring green (I think).
I started him yesterday morning and I finished him up last night.

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