Saturday, February 11, 2012

Accident Prone - Big C

There's one thing about our's accident prone.
Especially the kids.
We've gone a few months since the last accident.
Actually, it was in October with Small T and the Softball.
So...I guess we were just biding time until fate would step in.
This time it's Big C.
Soft Cast on the right foot and there's a brace on the knee under his pants.
He's probably out for the remainder of basketball season.
But hopefully he'll be back to normal by baseball season.
Appt. with the Orthopedic Dr. on Thursday, so we'll see what happens.
This is why my kids NEVER carry cakes at school. LOL


  1. I can tell Chance has lost weight. That should help his knee heal. Great work Chance, keep it up.

  2. thanks jen! he's lost over 80 lbs. so far.